Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kidnapping Buses

I was at a church meeting with several friends when suddenly we were being kidnapped. WE were all forced on a bus which drove around and around. I finally got tired of being on that stupid bus so I talked to a man near me and I told him I planned to get off the bus. He nodded and we went after the driver. We overtook him and he drove us back to the church. We all got off and the meeting was still going on. They weren't surprised to see us and didn't know we were even missing.

To dream that you are riding a bus, implies that you are going along with the crowd. You are lacking originality and are taking no control over where your life is taking.

Bus Driver
To see a bus driver in your dream, indicates leadership in some group idea or plan. It is symbolic of collective power. Alternatively, it suggests that you are going around in circles and have showed little progress.

To dream that you are being kidnapped, denotes feelings of being trapped and restricted. Someone or some situation may be diverting your� concentration and your attention away from your goals.

To dream that you are in a meeting, suggests that you need to redirect your energies toward a more productive endeavor. Alternatively, you are learning to accept various aspects of yourself.
To dream that you are late or miss a meeting, signifies anxieties that you are not measuring when it comes to your professional life and toward achieving your goals. You may feel unprepared in some situation or challenge in your waking life

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