Thursday, March 4, 2010

Church & Worshippers

I was in church. It was a huge, open chapel, unadorned, full of people sitting in the pews. I think if I looked carefully, I would've seen many familiar faces.
Two girls came to sit by and they couldn't sit still. They wiggled and wiggle and started to argue loudly. I took each by their upper arms and dragged them to different pews. One I made sit by herself in a teeny pew, the other I made sit with a family.
The scene changed and instead of facing the way we were, we were turned sideways with a different speaker. The windows behind him were open and we laughed out loud as a strong wind came through them, blowing our hair around.


To dream that you are in a church, suggests that you are seeking for some spiritual enlightenment and guidance. You are looking to be uplifted in some way. Perhaps you have made some mistakes in the past which have set you back on your path toward your goals. With proper support, you will get on the right track again. Alternatively, it may also mean that you are questioning and debating your life path and where it is leading. You are reevaluating what you want to do.

To dream that the wind is blowing, symbolizes your life force, energy, and vigor. It reflects changes in your life.�Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to speed up toward achieving your goals or solving some lingering problem.

To see windows in your dream, signifies bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight.�If the windows of a house is dark, then it indicates a loss in your perception or vitality.

Dreams r yours

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