Thursday, December 30, 2010

Water Slides & 4:00

We (hubby, children, neighbor friend and children) were in a very long line to get into a water park. The line went through the locker room where we were assigned a locker. The kid went ahead into the park while we waited for a locker and to get our tickets.
The girl assigning the lockers was rude and we were tempted to leave. (I hate waiting in long lines). I told hubby and friend I would go up front and get us in.
I went to the counter and told the man I needed to find my kids. I gave him my receipt and told him I had paid. He said go ahead. He kept my receipt. I walked through the gates and looked up at all the slides and water slides. I saw a few of our kids and asked if they were having fun. They nodded and smiled and left to play more.
I went back to the counter and told the man we had decided to stay. He made me sign a contract that we wouldn't sue if we got hurt. I hailed my hubby and friend and we went in, ahead of the line. We were butting!
Everyone went in and played and I went back to the locker room. For some reason I wandered and wandered around the locker room, in my lingerie. I kept wondering if I should change into my swimsuit.
A lady with a long ponytail came in and told me to watch something really cool. She went to the sink and splashed water on her face and showed me how her mascara ran.
All of a sudden, it was 4! Where had the time gone?? I had spent the whole day in uselessness instead of with my family!
I hurried to change out of my lingerie.

To dream that you are standing in line, represents your need for patience. You need to learn to wait for something and not always have it right away.(SO TRUE!!)
To dream that you or somebody is on a slide, indicates that you are experiencing some instability in your waking life. You have lost your grip on a situation or relationship.

Water Park
To dream that you are in a water park, indicates that you are expressing an emotional high point. You are feeling emotionally satisfied and fulfilled.
Locker Room
To dream that you are in a locker room, suggests that you need time to cool off and calm down. You are involved in some tough competition or are trying to overcome.
Four denotes stability, physical limitations, hard labor and earthly things, as in the four corners of the earth or the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water). It also stands for materialistic matters and how you get things done.
To see a receipt in your dream, indicates that you are accepting or acknowledging some aspect of yourself. It is a reflection of your openness and genuineness. What is the receipt for? Alternatively, the dream symbolizes guaranteed success. Better times are ahead for you.
To see or pass through a gate in your dream, suggests that you are walking through a new phase of life. It also represents new opportunities and possibilities, especially if the gate is opened or swinging.
To dream that you are wearing a ponytail, symbolizes a casual and carefree attitude.
To see a sink in your dream, represents your feelings and your ability to control your emotions. You may need to cleanse yourself of past feelings and start fresh. Consider also the common phrase "everything but the kitchen sink" which refers to a situation where you have almost everything that you can possible want or need. The symbol may also be a pun on "sinking" or drowning.
To dream that you are wearing mascara, suggests that you need to open your eyes and be more attentive to a situation or relationship.
To dream that your mascara is smeared, indicates that your reputation is being called into question by rumors.

To dream that you are wearing lingerie, represents your sexual identity, body image and your self-esteem. You may finally be recognizing and acknowledging an aspect of yourself that was not previously expressed.
To dream that you are in a panic, indicates a lack of control and power in your life. You are feeling helpless in some situation or unable to make a clear decision.�Calm down.

Dreams r yours

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